Thursday, July 12, 2007

Welcome to the APS Conf-Blog!

Welcome to the first ever Applied Legal Storytelling conference! This ConfBlog is for all participants to write on. Use it to comment on presentations, share thoughts, ask open questions, set up meetings, find people, give good restaurant or pub info, whatever. You will be given the password, etc. at the conference. Then, blog away!

We will also use it to post changes in schedule or other important information.

- Brian Foley


Rob McPeake said...

Great work, Brian! I have high hopes for this blog - I think it can be a great resource for us during the conference itself but I would also hope that it can evolve after that and be a real asset for us all in carrying forward the aims of the conference.

On a more mundane level, it is a grey, rainy day here in central London. Quite steamy too! We have just had the wettest June 'since records began' here, so you may want to pack an umbrella for the conference.

I am looking forward to seeing old friends next week and making some new ones.

Ruth Anne Robbins said...

Thanks, Brian!
I am going to arrive on Monday and I am staying at the Grange.

Thanks for the weather tip, Rob! I can't wait to have an excuse to finally buy myself one of those Rosetta Stone umbrellas from the British Museum.

Ruth Anne