Saturday, July 14, 2007

Call for Papers! Publish your conference paper!

Call for Papers: “Applied Legal Storytelling”

Journal of the Legal Writing Institute

Deadline: September 1, 2007

The Legal Writing Institute Journal invites you to submit papers for publication that address “applied storytelling.” Applied Storytelling recognizes the value and use of stories and narrative in advocacy (e.g., legal argument, litigation, judicial opinions, legislation, the attorney-client relationship, ethical limits, and possible differences among different legal systems), law teaching (e.g., using stories to teach, and teaching to tell stories), and legal scholarship (e.g., using stories in scholarship, and scholarship examining use of stories). We seek articles that contribute to -- and even help define -- this new and growing field.

This Call for Papers complements the Once Upon a Legal Time: Developing the Skills of Storytelling in Law Conference, to be held July 18-20 2007 at City University, London, England. Articles submitted do not have to have been presented at the conference, and articles may expand upon the breadth and depth of the conference. For more information about the conference, please visit

There is no limit on length; however, the Journal is especially interested in receiving shorter articles of approximately 10,000 words or less (total includes text and footnotes) provided they reflect innovative and novel contributions to the body of scholarly work on applied storytelling practice and theory. We perceive several advantages to publishing several shorter works rather than a few longer ones: more ideas will be disseminated more quickly, which will help this field grow; there is a greater chance that shorter articles will be read and their ideas applied; and the shorter format will allow authors to articulate and publish their ideas more quickly. Nevertheless, we are also interested in publishing longer work provided that it otherwise meets the criteria.

We are interested in publishing original works of scholarship and will not consider submissions published elsewhere unless they are out of print or otherwise inaccessible. We understand that some articles about applied storytelling might have been published initially in a time when this idea was not widely recognized, and that such discourse may have fallen through doctrinal cracks.

The Journal publishes articles using ALWD citation form and would prefer to receive articles in that format, but this format is not required, and your decision not to follow it will not adversely affect the board’s publication decisions. For further information on the Journal, including submission requirements, please go to

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